Ventilator Challenge

From Prototype to production in 15 days

In March 2020, PCML Group collaborated with Medical Device Manufacturer, Cogent Technology and leading Medical Design Consultants, Team Consulting to support the urgent production of Cogent's Emergency Ventilators (EVA), in response to the UK Government's 'Ventilator Challenge' in the fight against Covid-19.

PCML Group were approached by Team Consulting to produce rapid-prototypes of EVA in response to the growing demand of emergency ventilators needed for COVID-19 patients.

From receipt of the initial draft drawings - PCML Group delivered the first batch of prototypes in 2 working days enabling Team Consulting to build and test Eva and seek the green light to initiate high-volume production.

Soon after the prototypes were tested and approved for production, Cogent Technology secured an order from the UK Government for 13’500 units.

From initial contract, through rapid-prototype to production order took the team just 15 days, with materials sourced, fixturing and tooling manufactured and the team of PCML’s engineers working around the clock to manufacture the precision parts required.

We are unbelievably proud and humbled by the way our industry pulled together.

Competitiveness was put aside - while we worked around the clock - sourcing materials, machining and assembling the parts required.

Neal Lawrence, PCML Group - UK Group Sales Manager 

Developing a new product to manufacture normally takes 2-3 years minimum.

The PCML team worked with Cogent Technology and in close collaboration with our design partners Team Consulting to deliver the first production units off the line in record time. 

Special thanks to our partners Dore and Ensinger Ltd for coordinating the materials & logistics with our Bespoke Procuresmart Inventory Software & Supply Chain Management systems to get parts out quickly.

A team effort 

  • The team at PCML powered through very long shifts.
  • Team Consulting working at a pace never seen before in medical device design
  • Cogent Technology pulling a supply chain into shape within days and the PCML consortium taking prototypes to mass production in 15 days.


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