At PCML you will be working in a dynamic environment, manufacturing a wide range of complex prismatic engineering components, geared to supporting the needs of its many and varied clients in a range of high technology growth sectors.

PCML is a learning environment where you can continually add to your skills through involvement in different projects. Improving the skill levels of all staff to meet the demands of our customers is paramount and is prioritised for maximum effect.

For production personnel, PCML carries out a detailed skills analysis audit during induction, this is then used to produce an individual training needs schedule to enable individuals’ skills level to be developed in line with our operational needs. PCML places the highest value on the contribution our people make to the continued success of the company and there are many opportunities to exchange information and share ideas.

Informal staff meetings ensure that our people are fully aware of new developments and are able to put questions and suggestions to our management team.

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