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PCML was established in 2000 to fill a niche in the local Cambridgeshire and Eastern Region market for a Manufacturing Services Company capable of providing precision components to leading companies in high technology growth industries.

At the outset the company set clear strategic aims as the basis for the future success of the business as follows;

With ongoing investment in the development of a high quality Management Team, Skilled Workforce, Information Technology and Advanced Communications means that distance has not been a barrier to the expansion or the range of services that PCML now offers.

Employing more than 150 staff, PCML has grown to be an award winning provider of strategic outsourcing solutions to include an End-to-end service offering, from concept through finished product to supply chain management, for companies at home and abroad.


PCML are proud recipients of a number of industry accolades and awards. Over recent years the company has been recognised as “best in class” for operational capability that can satisfy the very demanding quality, delivery and value for money requirements of its many customers. Awards have included:

Timeline of PCML's awards including business of the year and best supplier partnership

These awards not only recognise our own commitment and drive to constantly improve for the benefit of our customers and employees, but also the massive support we have received from all of our partners, inside and outside of the organisation to promote​ UK manufacturing for the benefit of us all.

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