CNC Turning Service

What is CNC Turning?

Turning is a precision engineering process which involves the use of a lathe to reduce the diameter of a piece of metal. It removes material by rotating the metal whilst a cutting tool is used against it. This leads to the creation of turned parts that match your specifications.


What are the Advantages of CNC Turning?

The key benefits of CNC turning surround the fact that the workpiece and tool are both controlled by a numerical program. This means that the material can be cut both quickly and accurately, with the risk of human error reduced. This also means that repeatable and reliable designs can be manufactured, giving you consistently good quality over time. By utilising multi-turret and dual spindle setups it is possible to get highly complex components off the machine in one operation, where using conventional methods it would take multiple turning and milling operations.


Why Use PCML’s CNC Turning Service for Your Project?

Here at PCML, we have a number of services available to suit your unique precision engineering needs. We work closely with you to understand what your individual requirements are, and our dedicated account management policy means we are there communicating with you through every step of your project. We pride ourselves on delivering consistently high-quality products at competitive rates, with 100% on time delivery.

Our Turning Services include:


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