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Why Use PCML’s Electroless Nickel Plating Services for Your Project?

We have a wide variety of Electroless Nickel Plating Services suited to the unique needs of your business. Our investment in the latest tools ensures we are able to provide a consistently high-level service, with 100% on time delivery at competitive rates. We collaborate with you through every stage of our partnership, through a dedicated account management policy created with total client satisfaction in mind.

Our Electroless Nickel Plating Service includes:

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What is Electroless Nickel Plating?

Electroless Nickel Plating is a chemical process which uses different formulas and compounds to create an even coating on the surface of your chosen material. This surface offers attributes like increased hardness, and prevention of corrosion and wear; this makes electroless nickel plating a preferred solution within the industrial sector, whether it be for decorative or preventative applications.


What are the Advantages of Electroless Nickel Plating?

Unlike electroplating, which uses an electric current, electroless nickel plating makes use of chemicals to apply a coating. This means that a consistent, even layer can be achieved on your chosen material, regardless of its shape. The coating formed from this process also allows high resistance to friction and harsh conditions, making it particularly suited for industrial applications.

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