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Why Use PCML’s Milling Services for Your Project?

At PCML, we offer a selection of milling services to suit your specific precision engineering needs. Our Quality Management System ensures we deliver consistently high-quality products at highly competitive rates, with 100% on time delivery. We collaborate with you efficiently and effectively at all stages of our partnership, through our dedicated account management policy created with your total satisfaction in mind.

Our Milling Services include:

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What is Milling?

Milling is a precision engineering process which involves the removal of material from a component using rotary cutting tools. The milling machine cutter rotates at an extremely high speed, allowing metal to be removed at a fast pace. There are a few different types of milling services, including manual, horizontal & tombstone, and CNC milling, to name a few. CNC Milling machines utilise Computer Numerical Control to automate the process, thus improving the speed, accuracy, and production rate.


What are the Advantages of Milling?

Milling machines work on multiple axis’ in order to move the cutting head around the machining bed, therefore machines with more working axis’ can machine more complex parts in fewer operations. When coupled with CNC the process is capable of machining highly complex features to exceptionally high accuracy. There are a lot of tooling options available for milling machines allowing the operator to use the best tooling for the material being machined. This allows fast clean cuts which results in a superior surface finish.

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