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Why Use PCML’s Powder Coating Services for Your Project?

We have a wide range of Powder Coating Services suited to the unique needs of your project at PCML. We invest in the latest tools and equipment to ensure only the highest quality products are built to your unique specifications, with 100% on time delivery being a key benefit we offer. We communicate clearly with you throughout every stage of your project with us, as complete client satisfaction is what drives our business.

Our Powder Coating Services include:

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What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a dry finishing process, which is used to protect your material from wear and tear. The process is typically done using electronic spray deposition (ESD), often with a spray gun, followed by curing using heat from an oven. This is primarily used on metal materials, but newer technologies have expanded its use.


What are the Advantages of Powder Coating?

Powder coating protects your material, giving a high-quality and durable finish. This brings benefits like higher resistance to impact, chemicals, and extreme weather conditions and moisture. These durable qualities also make powder coating an attractive finish that lasts, with reduced risk of scratching, corrosion and other wear and tear issues. It is also significantly more environmentally friendly than other metal finishing processes.

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