Wet Paint Spraying Service

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Why Use PCML’s Wet Paint Spraying Service?

PCML have been supplying wet painted parts for a number of years, gaining global recognition for the quality of our finishes. We invest heavily in our bespoke paint shop, with a number of booths and even hand finished paint application, ensuring the highest quality finish. All of our parts undergo a fully documented visual quality procedure, with complete client satisfaction as a primary goal.

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What is Wet Paint Spraying?

Wet paint is a surface coating method, and a frequent go-to for high specification, detailed finishes. The wet paint is applied to your component using a pressured system that gives a thin, even spray, and a vast range of finishes and gloss levels. It can even be applied with a spatter, texture or hammer finish, meaning many different types of surfaces can be covered.


What are the Advantages of Wet Paint Finishes?

Wet paint gives your material a superior finish. This is because it can be applied in a much thinner coat to nearly any surface, and the varied amount of finishing options means that even the most uneven objects can have full coverage. High temperature curing is also not needed to apply the coating, so this is also a great finishing option for materials that cannot be heated for powder coating.

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