Laser Marking

Laser marking for a range of parts and end-user products

PCML can provide top-notch laser engraving and marking services, leveraging the remarkable capabilities of our Halo F-30 Pulsed Fibre Laser. This sophisticated tool empowers us to engrave or mark parts to the exact specifications of our clients. We can masterfully etch text, graphics, logos, and barcodes onto your products, giving everything we do a personalised touch.

The F-30 laser is characterised by its exceptional speed and accuracy, making it an optimal solution for part marking. It boasts remarkable versatility, adeptly marking a broad range of materials, with a proficiency in engraving metals and plastics.

In addition to its high precision, the F-30 laser is highly economical, eliminating the need for considerable setup or tooling costs - making the marking process both swift and cost-effective. This service is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to reduce lead times without compromising quality.

Our laser marking services cater to both aesthetic and functional needs. They serve as a powerful tool for enhancing your company's branding, creating striking, visually appealing marks that reflect your brand identity. Beyond the cosmetic realm, our services also play a critical role in adding functional elements such as bar or QR codes. This application bolsters traceability, enhancing your supply chain management and improving operational efficiency.

Let PCML be your partner in creating distinct, accurately marked, and easily traceable products that set you apart in your industry. We are committed to providing solutions that align with your goals, meet your bespoke requirements, and add tangible value to your business.

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