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Here at PCML we value our customers highly and as a company we are continuously looking at ways to not only offer more services but improve our customer experience.

As the company grew, our team of planners tasks became increasingly more complex and time consuming. Planning for 108 machine tools along with the manual operations such as welding and our finishing shop resulted in over 4000 operations planned per week.

Along with this we had to account for material lead times, sub-contract finish requirements and allowance for assembly times, sometimes on bills of materials stretching to 500 piece parts!

The task was growing ever increasingly difficult and the increase in machine tools opening the door for a higher chance of human error that not only affected the customer experience, but interfered with the rest of the plan and efficiency of how we operated.

After lots of research and evaluation, we decided the best solution to allow our company to carry on growing and improve on our customers experience was to invest in an advanced planning and scheduling software solution.

Introduction of Preactor

The process began back in October 2018 when the system was installed and rolled out across group. We initially witnessed a positive impact with on time delivery improving to an average of 85% with no tolerance! This was great, most deliveries were all within a 3 day window of the scheduled date.

Not happy with that, the team then began to cleanse the information on our ERP system that Preactor utilises to populate the plan; Material lead times, sub-contract lead times, allowances for kitting and assembly and even delivery for shipments overseas. The task stressed the importance of clean and accurate data throughout the company to ensure the plan was as accurate as possible.

The task took place in August 2019 and in October 2019 we achieved 98.5% and the team do not want to settle for that, we are striving for perfection.

The discussion around capital expenditure is always key. Machines tools help produce more parts and open up additional hours to supply more parts to our customers, but without a plan these machines aren’t efficient and our customer’s success relies on the supply of components at the right price and on time!

The large investment for Preactor, along with the hours cleansing data is paying off. Finding additional capacity from efficient planning and removing knee jerk reactions driven by planning challenges has allowed PCML to open up even more available hours to support our newly established and fast growing FastNet-nc service.

“PCML strive to be a World class supplier, giving our customers what they want, when they want it”


The Results

Chart of OTD improvements

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