Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Specialists in Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA): custom-built, precision engineered parts and components

For use in biotech, high-tech, scientific and medical applications.

Partnering with our clients at the early design stages, and working in collaboration with specialist design consultants - ensures the smooth delivery of products through our entire manufacturing, quality, test and assembly process.

From new product conception, all the way through to full production.

Benefits of using PCML's Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA):

  • Minimise production costs from product design through its life-cycle
  • Collaborative design and manufacture process with leading Design Consultants 
  • Bespoke parts and components specifically designed for ease of manufacturing
  • Selecting the most cost effective materials and and process to be used in production
  • Reduce number of parts, focusing on handling and ease of assembly

Result - simpler products, fewer design changes and more effective manufacturing processes 


New Product Concept - Design and Build Process 

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