Reasons to choose Wire EDM Services

What is Wire EDM?

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire EDM for short) can be used where a feature would be difficult or otherwise impossible to achieve using conventional methods, for example, small slot generation, square corners, and complex geometry shapes. The process can be used on hard materials and allows a greater degree of positional accuracy. This is due to the machine having next to zero cut force which allows the use of linear motors as opposed to conventional ball screws.

view of wire EDM in progress

Wire EDM Method

Wire EDM is a process whereby a thin wire is used as an electrode to cut along a programmed path. The workpiece is submerged in a dielectric fluid (which increases the water’s resistivity) allowing for the generation of an arc at the wire, which in turn disintegrates the workpiece. The machine uses a spool of wire that moves continuously to offer a fresh section of wire throughout the cutting process, this results in an incredibly repeatable process.


Advantages of Wire EDM

The advantages of Wire EDM include:


Disadvantages of Wire EDM

The disadvantages of Wire EDM include:


PCML’s Wire EDM Services

Here at PCML, we offer the following Wire EDM services:

These machines can work with parts weighing up to 1,000Kg. Our highly qualified team of engineers manage each and every job through to ensure all parts are delivered to the exacting standard expected by the PCML Group and our customers alike.

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