Reasons to choose Electroless Nickel Plating Services

What is Electroless Nickel Plating?

Electroless Nickel Plating uses chemical formulas and compounds in a process that forms an even coating on the surface of a material. This leads to the prevention of corrosion and wear, as well as increased hardness of the material. Electroless nickel plating is often a preferred solution within the industrial sector, for both decorative and preventative uses.

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Electroless Nickel Plating Method

Parts initially pass through a pre-treatment process where they are thoroughly degreased and cleaned; cleaning of parts is important as any contamination will lead to poor plating later on in the process. The surface is then primed for plating by passing through a range of preparation tanks which help to activate the surface of the part. This allows for better adhesion of the plating.

With the surface of the parts activated, parts are placed in the plating tank. The plating process allows a thickness of nickel/phosphorous to deposit on the surface. The thickness of the plating is determined by the amount of time spent in the plating tank at operating temperature.


Advantages of Electroless Nickel Plating


PCML’s Electroless Nickel Plating Services

Using the above method and our rigorous quality procedures, PCML can work with you to ensure your parts have the level of protection required. The benefit of having electroless nickel plating in house is we can control the thickness of the plating applied and can ensure that the quality is to the standard we expect at PCML.

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