PCML collaborate with Cellexus to design and engineer revolutionary CellMaker Bioreactor System

Cellexus first approached PCML in 2010 with a few concept drawings and a real fervour for a new innovative biotech product - The CellMaker single-use airlift bioreactor system

The CellMaker range of revolutionary, single-use airlift bioreactor systems simplify, accelerate and improve cell culture and fermentation processes with a system expertly designed for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries - Cellexus

We were immediately struck by the passion shown by the Cellexus team and were keen to be part of their journey.  Thirteen years on and the Celleux CellMaker bioreactor systems are leaders in the life sciences industry. 

In the early stages, PCML's role was to help design and nurture a ‘funky’ but practical patented Enclosure that had the Cellexus DNA running through the entire CellMaker bioreactor range. Today, our design engineers continue to collaborate with the Cellexus team at every stage to design, alter and optimise each component to the highest precision engineering and manufacturing standards.

If any new changes in circuitry and internal products are made, new drawings are sent for approval, and then implemented into the product through production engineering. It is fair to say the products haven’t changed much over the years, but small alterations have been made to help make the range ever better.

Our long-term relationship stems from a pointed approach towards necessity and trust.

With Cellexus located in Dundee, logistics could have hindered production. Thankfully, this has not been the case and the transparent relationship between PCML and Cellexus has allowed visitations at any time to discuss propositions and future ambitions. Long may this continue.  
Dave Allsopp, Sales Engineer - PCML Group.

Cellexus CellMaker Bioreactor System

Cellexus single-use airlift bioreactor - An ergonomic way to thermoregulate your bioreactor

The CellMaker bioreactor system is complete with a patented Enclosure which uses unique airlift technology to move cells and nutrients which eliminates the need for mechanical stirring.

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