International Women's Day 2022 - Celebrating women in engineering

International Women's Day 2022 -  Elevate and advance gender equality in engineering

The freedom and confidence I feel to be a female leader in what is predominantly a male-orientated environment makes me incredibly proud of how much we have achieved, not only in our industry but in our thinking as a society. 

Knowing that the future for our girls means being free to have the same opportunities and aspirations in engineering as boys is a significant step in the drive towards gender equality.

At PCML, we actively encourage women into engineering and offer them the same development opportunities, rewards, and training as men. Over the past few years, we’ve employed and trained 10 women in a variety of roles including assembly, finishing, stores, CNC Machining and HR. 

Mentoring is a big part of our ethos at PCML.  I’ve personally benefitted from my colleagues taking the time to educate and train me in the technical aspects of the engineering environment I work in, enabling my team and I to successfully steer the Company through many triumphs and challenges over the years.

As a society, we’ve made huge inroads towards gender equality in industries such as engineering and manufacturing. However, if we are to normalise the industry and encourage more women and girls into engineering, we need to do more to understand and breakdown the barriers that our women and girls face.

Education is key and removing the gender stereotypes and barriers that exist throughout our industry is fundamental’.

Nadine Bishop - Managing Director, The PCML Group

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