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Reasons to choose Powder coating:
Powder coating has become increasingly popular and cost effective way of coating, the vast improvements across the industry in powder quality have now leant this process to high end manufacture, with PCML supplying powder coated parts into various hi-tech OEM’s.
It offers a cheaper solution to conventional wet paint finishes as it does not require an etch process and in most cases the powder can be applied directly to the substrate.

The Method:
Powder coating relies on a process called electrostatic spray disposition (ESD) and is typically used achieve an application of powder to a metal substrate. The application method uses a spray gun that applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles which are then drawn to the grounded substrate.
Once the part is coated with the electrostatically charged powder, the part then goes through a curing process in an oven. The coating reacts with the heat to create molecular chains that are very resistant to breakdown.

Pros and cons:
• Cost effective one application solution
• Tough and durable coating
• Various finishes, with smooth, leatherette and texture
• Available in various specifications
1) Architectural polyester, suitable for outdoor environment
2) Epoxy Polyester, suitable for internal use. This is commonly used on parts that are manufactured for the biotech industries that PCML are heavily involved in supplying
2) Various gloss levels including, matt, egg shell, satin and semi-gloss and gloss
• Thicker finish than wet paint
• Holes require masking to prevent powder build up and blockage
• Can leave raised edges around masked areas
• Only possible to fill very small areas due to the substrate requirement of metallic properties
• Limited possibility of touch up to damage parts

PCML Powder Facility
Here at PCML we pride ourselves on our finishing and have invested heavily in a bespoke paint shop, running on a slight positive pressure with an air circulating system to help reduce fine fibres and dust in the atmosphere from being deposited onto the substrate. We even have a separate booth utilising the same system as the main facility that has a joining oven for the highest quality finish, allowing the part to be coated and baked off without entering into the paint shop environment. All parts are degreased thoroughly and masked to exacting detail prior to the powder application where required. PCML undertake an additional sieving process, using a finer mesh sieve than that of the manufactures to ensure optimum flow and further reduce the chances of inclusions. Due to the high level of detail we run a hand finished powder application, ensuring the highest quality finish with all parts undergoing a 100% documented visual quality procedure that is audited on a regular basis.
For more information and to discuss your requirements with one of the team, please contact 01223 293904 or email sales@pcml.net

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