What is the SmartSuite TechPod?

Radical Management Rules!

Great businesses are built of people, serving people.
The profit-motive alone is no longer enough to make a business sustainable and successful. In the words of management guru, Tom Peters, it’s People First!
Compare the rise of the new order with the decline of the old – radical management vs traditional:

Amazon vs Walmart
Apple vs Cisco
Salesforce vs GE

The Person Centred Workplace.

It’s a fact: People are happiest when they’re making a difference to the lives of others.
And when employees are able to add value and ‘delight’ customers they become integral and essential to a company’s long-term success and profitability.
Creating a person-centred workplace, where individuals feel valued, is the best way to address the skills-shortage and retain staff. It’s a win-win: Companies do well and people love their jobs!

People First! Addressing the Skills Shortage

Every successful business knows, the customer experience is paramount. But they also know, the employee experience is just as important: unhappy people don’t build great companies!
For many years, PCML has attended to its employees’ hierarchy of needs:

1. The tools and environment to do the job consistently well.
2. Systems and processes to support fast, efficient and safe working practices.
3. Programmes that recognise and reward the great performance of individuals and teams.

What is the SmartSuite Techpod?

Designed and developed by PCML, SmartSuite Techpod brings Cyber Physical System (CPS) technology to the machine shop, to enable Lean Daily Management, process control and employee engagement and motivation.

SmartSuite Techpod monitors and manages resource utilisation (human and machine), task execution time and employee performance, integrating and sharing live data with a company’s ERP system.

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