Complete Build Solutions - 3D Imaging

PCML Group's Precision Engineering and Product Assembly teams partnered with a UK 3D Mobile Mapping Company to manufacture and build the precision parts and bespoke components for one of their 3D imaging cameras, used to map changes within difficult to reach places, such as mines and caves.

The PCML Group were originally contracted to supply customised precision parts and components for the Unit, which was manufactured in China. 

After encountering endless delays and poor quality from their Overseas Manufacturer, PCML Group were contracted to manage the complete manufacture, production and assembly for all the required parts and looms - taking full control of the BOM and supply chain.

Our highly experienced product assembly team ensure consistent quality on all Unit builds - reducing lead times on delivery and keeping the cost down through our Design for Manufacture and Assembly process.

All units are now fully assembled, calibrated, quality checked and tested in our Cleanroom at PCML's Innovation Centre.

It's PCML's expertise over how best to produce our products and components that stands out for us. 

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