Biotech Design and Manufacture

Enabling breakthrough biomedical technology with R&D, precision engineering and advanced manufacturing

Specialising in precision engineered parts and components used to manufacture and assemble a range of custom-built biomedical and biotech products.

PCML Cambridge are ISO13485 certified and work in collaboration with specialist biomedical technology design consultants and leading biotech companies to design and manufacture reliable, scalable, and highly replicable biomedical and biotechnology products, including.

  • biomedical equipment manufacture
  • Liquid handling and automation equipment
  • point-of-care diagnostic equipment 
  • medical devices manufacture 
  • biomedical research instruments 
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • life sciences
  • imaging equipment 
  • industrial biotechnology
  • environmental biotechnology 

From the precision engineering of fully customised, complex parts and components - to the complete manufacture and assembly of biomedical products and biotechnology.

Learn more about how PCML's precision engineering services are used in the cleantech industry here.

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