Reasons to choose laser engraving services


Laser engraving (or laser marking) offers a quick solution to part marking on a variety of materials without the need for hefty setup or tooling costs. Laser marking can be used for cosmetic purposes such as company branding but also functional purposes such as adding bar or QR codes to items to aid traceability.


When Laser Marking, the laser heats the surface of the material to cause visible discolouration to the surface of the part, with no physical material being removed in this process. When Laser Engraving, the laser effectively vaporises the top layer of material, leaving a recess perceptible to sight and touch. The laser is controlled by a dedicated computer running specific software which allows the operator to control the exact parameters of the process.


  • High speed, high accuracy operation
  • Ability to mark a variety of materials including most metals
  • Marks standardised 1D (bar codes), 2D (UID compliant data matrix) and QR codes
  • High definition images and logos
  • Deep, fast, and dark engraving capability
  • Environmentally friendly part marking process
  • Repeatable


At PCML we offer laser engraving and marking services, using our Halo F-30 Pulsed Fibre Laser to both mark and engrave parts to customer specification, whether that be text, graphics, logos or barcodes.

The F-30 offers an extremely fast and accurate solution to part marking, and is ideally suited to marking a variety of materials, especially metals and plastics. Using purpose-built software and your image, we’re able to laser mark parts in a fast and cost-effective manner. Our F-30 features an accurate red light alignment laser and focus finder which allows us to quickly laser mark the majority of parts without the need for fixtures whilst achieving the high degree of accuracy that is expected from this process. With our machine, we can both mark and engrave depending on your requirements, all we need is a suitable vector image (.PNG, .AI, etc).

  • Halo F-30 (Watt) Pulsed Fibre Laser
  • Laser window per set up of 100mm x 100mm. Additional lenses can be purchased if required to take the window up to 200mm x 200mm
  • Maximum weight of approximately 50kg
  • The table will accommodate parts sized approximately 1000mm x 500mm. The location of the engraving will be the deciding factor for larger parts
  • Our laser can fit parts up to 290mm in height
  • Capable of both Laser Marking and Laser Engraving

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