Reasons to Choose Wet Paint Spraying Services

What Is Wet Paint Spraying or Wet Coating Services?

Wet paint spraying, or wet coating services, is a method of applying a liquid paint coating onto machined parts or surfaces. It is a common finishing process used to enhance the appearance and protect the surfaces of precision-machined components.

Wet paint spraying has long been the go-to for high specification, detailed finishes. It allows a thinner application and a vast range of finishes and gloss levels. Wet paint can also be applied as a spatter, texture, or hammer finish, allowing coverage of surfaces that are not smooth. We have been supplying wet painted parts into high end audio, microscope stage and inkjet industries for a number of years, gaining global recognition for our high standards.


The Method:

A wet paint finish is applied to the substrate (base material) using a pressured system. This allows a fine and even spray, around 25µ to 35µ, as a standard thickness top coat. The finish coat is predominantly applied to an etch primer surface, designed to bond the paint to the substrate.

PCML use 1 pack chromate free etches and various other pre-treatments, and predominantly use 2 pack epoxy and polyester top coats.

We utilise the latest 3M Versaflo respirators and water curtain booths, ensuring the operative and environment is protected.


Advantages Of Wet Paint Spraying:

  • Superior finish than that of powder coating services.
  • Can be applied to any surface, where high temperature curing is not required.
  • Has a varied amount of finishes, from spatter and texture to hammer. Assisting with covering uneven substrates.
  • Can be applied in a much thinner coat than powder.
  • Can be reworked without the requirement of fully stripping the component.
  • Can be filled and flatted prior to top coating, as the substrate does not have to be metallic.

Available in various specifications:

  • 2 Pack epoxy – suitable for lab and biotech equipment, and applications where the product is in aggressive environments.
  • 2 Pack polyester – suitable for applications where the product is in contact with inks and chemicals.
  • Various gloss levels including: matt, egg shell, satin and semi-gloss, and gloss. These gloss levels can be used to produce spatter finishes.
  • PCML have also developed a one coat solution 1 pack chromate finish, that is highly matt and is the perfect solution to internal components that require a matt finish to reduce light reflection.


Disadvantages Of Wet Paint Spraying:

  • Less durable than powder coating.
  • Requires at least two operations, with etch primer and top coat required.
  • Costs more than a standard powder coat finish.


PCML's Wet Paint Spraying Services

Here at PCML, we pride ourselves on our finishing services, and have invested heavily in a bespoke paint shop. It runs on a slight positive pressure with an air circulating system that helps reduce fine fibres and dust from attaching to the materials. We even have a separate booth utilising the same system as the main facility, with a joint oven for the highest quality finishes. This means the part can be coated and baked off without entering the paint shop area.

All parts are thoroughly degreased and masked to exacting detail prior to the wet paint application. PCML chill and filter the air feed, ensuring a consistent flow of clean air is used to apply the coating. We also run a hand finished wet paint application, ensuring the highest quality, detailed finish, with all parts undergoing a regularly audited 100% documented visual quality procedure.

PCML use only the finest paints, supplied by industry leading suppliers such as Trimite, AkzoNobel Cromadex and Mankiewics.

For more information and to discuss your requirements with one of the team, please contact 01223 293904 or email [email protected]

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